I'm a writer and producer endeavoring to understand how pleasure, in all of its manifestations, is a way to know the self. // On food: For Philly Weekly I've considered the meaning of the Wall of Fame at Geno's Steaks, felt the stagnancy of time at notorious dive bar McGlinchey's, slipped into the neighborhoodly comfort of Korean fried chicken at Cafe Soho, and profiled the woman behind Le Caveau, the James Beard-nominated wine bar.  // On music: For Articulate, an arts program on PBS, I've produced segments on Josh Ritter, Bang on a Can (as well as its members, Pulitzer Prize winners David Lang and Julia Wolfe), and others // On comedy: For Good Good Comedy Theatre's blog I interviewed Emmy-nominated comedy writer Ethan T. Berlin, performance artist/experimental comedian Andrew Jeffrey Wright, and comedy producer Aaron Nevins // On visual art: For Articulate's blog I interviewed Os Gemeos and reflected on art that has no name // Poetry: For Prelude, Atrium and Acquaintance; for Incessant Pipe, Verb As // Satire: For Reductress I've made myself unGoogleable 

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